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OPEN 7.30am Till 6pm



Cloybank would like to welcome you to our Trout Fishery.


We have expanded and now have three lochans stocked with some of the best quality trout around.  Hard fighting rainbow, brown,  tiger and blue trout are available in all lochans. 


Enjoy the peaceful and beautiful surroundings.  We have the Fishermans Cabin where you can have a break and a cuppa.

Cloybank offers over one and a half acres of delightful lochans for your angling enjoyment, with game fishing available for individuals and groups of up to 14 people.

Promising superior tactical fishing opportunities – and a relaxing pastime - the three Cloybank lochans are stocked with Rainbow trout from 2 lbs up to 20 lbs. as well as hard fighting blue and tiger trout, Indigenous brown trout enter the lochans via the natural water source of Morrison’s burn.

All of which adds up to an unrivalled Angling experience set in marvelous surroundings.
Limited spaces available. Book now to avoid disappointment. Due to our policy of continuous improvement and fish and environment protection and in keeping with our policy of providing the best possible experience for anglers , WE have bait fishing on one pond if required and the other two ponds are FLY ONLY


Sporting Permit  All day catch and release (barbless hooks only ) £15

Fly Fishing Permits

8 hours 4 fish and unlimited catch and release £25

6 hours 3 fish and unlimited catch and release £20

4 hours 2 fish and unlimited catch and release £15

2 hours 1 fish and unlimited catch and release £12

Bait fishing is £12 for 1 fish. £16 for 2 fish. £20 for 3 fish. Live bait only. Maggots and worms. No swim feeders or power bait. Rods available for hire. £5. On one pond only (The pond nearest the cafe and main car park)

Fly Fishing parent and child Permits

8 hours 5 fish (combined) £28

6 hours 4 fish (combined) £25

4 hours 3 fish (combined) £20

2 hours 2 fish (combined) £15

Cloybank Estate offers fly casting lessons for all ages and levels.

These start for beginners in 1 hour lessons and price is based per hour with hired equipment.
Please call for pricing and to arrange a booking

Please make sure you read the fishery rules before commencing. Rules are posted at the fishery and if you are in any doubt just ask at the cafe or office

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