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Cloybank Accessibilty information 

(large type in high contrast) Information is also available by telephone during office hours on 01324 841707

Cloybank staff are "ability aware" and always on hand for help or information. All our facilities are on the ground floor or outside and have easy access for people with mobility issues. On the sections below we will give you more detailed information on each of our areas and activities. Please feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries on 01324 841707

Car Parking

Car Parking is free and we have a hard standing car park with easy access to our café and animal areas. There are two "blue badge" car spaces but every space is suitable for people with mobility issues and staff are always on hand should you require assistance.


Our cosy cafe with open fire (guarded) is adjacent to the car park and has doors wide enough for easy wheelchair access. Our valued patrons are never more than ten metres from a fire escape and the cafe is on the ground floor. Although we have never had an emergency our staff will be on hand in under ten seconds (we timed it) to assist anyone with mobility issues in vacating the cafe area. Assistance dogs are welcome and we have water all around Cloybank should your dog get thirsty. All glass doors and low level glazing have signs or stickers on them and the café is well lit. The cafe has two toilets and if any of our patrons have extra wide wheelchairs there is a very wide toilet adjoining the café.

Animal Areas (FREE)

Our animal areas which have Alpacas, Highland Cows, pygmy goats, geese, ducks, turkeys, horses, and all sorts of surprises and of course FREE and easily accessible. The animal areas are spread out but easy to get to The gate is accessed along a tarmac path from the main car park. Once inside the walkways are hard but can be slightly bumpy and there is a small hill at the far end of the enclosures. We have people with walking and mobility issues visiting this area every day and we have had no accessibility issues reported. Please note that due to free roaming animals, dogs in this area must be kept on a lead.


Our USPGA quality short game areas are fully accessible with no steps and are wheelchair friendly. The area is within ten yards of the main car park but should you wish to get your car even closer our staff will be happy to direct you and your vehicle to a spot within two yards of our quality golf mats and are happy to help you set up your equipment and load and unload it from your vehicle.



Our regularly stocked trout fishery is accessible by car and there is car parking at the side of the Lochans. The ground at the side of the lochans is flat and there are seats and benches for you to use if required. We have long handled nets available and good sized flat casting platforms. You can also walk down to the fishery from the main car park (distance 150 yards). The walk is down a slight hill with hardcore gravel but may be slightly difficult on the way back for wheelchair users. If for any reason there are no parking spaces left wheelchair users and blue badge holders will be given preference and a parking spot will quickly be made available for you.

Air rifle range

The Cloybank air rifle range is easily accessibly by car and there are plenty of car parking spaces availably. It is located approximately 500 yards from the main car park and due to the road being fairly narrow we would advise wheelchair users to use their vehicles to access the range. If you are a wheelchair user and do not have access to a vehicle we are happy to arrange to take you up and back and all you need do is ask at our cafe, shop, or office and we will make sure you have a fun and safe day out.

We have wide doors installed on our range and we have a suspended bench with nothing below it and this is perfect for wheelchair users and designed especially for this purpose. We also have an obstacle free shooting area and our range safety officers are disability aware. If you or one of your party is registered blind or partially sighted you are most welcome to come and shoot (it's great fun) but please contact us first so that we can make sure you will have a trained instructor or safety officer on hand and this service is free (shooting fees apply) The age limit for shooting is Nine and above and accompanied by a parent or guardian if under 21.

Walks (dogs welcome)

There are loads of paths around Cloybank for walking and there are some fantastic views over the Kelvin valley from the higher areas. You can walk past our fishery and bee hives and up to our airgun range and you can even drop in to all the areas and say hello to anyone using the facilities. The paths are mostly hard underneath but there may be a few slightly bumpy parts but they are well maintained. If you have any mobility issues please feel free to ask a member of staff and they will be happy to point out the flatter and easier routes and advise on any difficulties you may face.

There is one gate at Cloybank that has two prominent RED flags either side. This is a safe walking route up to the air rifle club but please keep your dogs on a lead in this area.



Wide easy open gate to some animal areas and hard paths.


Car parking adjacent to golf areas

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